Web design and business website development for STM Sofia

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About the project

The services of STM Sofia are regulated by the Bulgarian laws and from the rules for the STM organizations in Bulgaria.

STM Sofia required the services of Webest.eu for developing a business website for the company that informs the potential clients from the business about the services that STM Euro-Bulmedic offers. The main request that the customer had was that the interface of the website to be simplified and intuitive, so the users can look for information easy.


In order to execute the project in the best way possible and comply with the customer’s request, we developed a business website where all the services that STM Sofia offers are organized in few sections in the main menu. We also implemented visual elements that describes the services offered by Sofia and in this way we avoid the need of creating the section “about us” and in this way we focus the information that the users views only to the different services that the company offers. To make it even easier for the visitors of the business site we created a legend with hyperlinks to every service in the main menu.

After the project was finished STM Sofia had a well-functioning business website where the users can easily find information about the company services. The technologies we used in the project are: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Joomla.