Web design and development of Facebook based e-commerce platform for Get a mall.

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About the project

Get A Mall is a platform for e-commerce in the social network Facebook that can be implemented in any Facebook page. Get A Mall is one of a kind e-commerce solution, that is easy to use for both the seller and the buyers. The specialists from Get A Mall hired Webest.eu for the web design and the development of the Facebook e-commerce platform for all the clients of Get A Mall.


In order to create this project in the best possible way, we decided to implement in the Facebook based e-commerce platform some of the best techniques we used in the making of previous online stores. The design and the colors were the same as the colors of the brand and the company website. We created the Facebook e-commerce platform in a way that is very intuitive and easy for the users to use. The platform was translated in several languages and we also added different categories for every type of product. The results from every search appeared in interactive lists with visual attractive visual and informative content.

After we finished the project Get A Mall had a Facebook based e-commerce platform that was easy to use for the clients of every brand, besides the type of product it offers. The technology we used in the process of work: Symphony, PHP, Facebook SDK, MySQL, Ajax, JSON, Open Graph, HTML, CSS and Java Script.