Website design and website development for tour agency “Cristal Holidays”

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About the project

"Cristal Holidays" ltd. offers holiday packages with airplane or bus transportation in Bulgaria, Europe and other contries worldwide. Tourists can choose from a various selection of holiday packages for different cities and contries.

“Cristal Holidays” needed a web design and web development service for their new web site. Their goal was to use the website to make process of choosing and booking a holiday easier for their customers.   

“Cristal Holidays” is a tourist agency that offers tickets for trips and holidays around the world and also sells its own holiday packages. The tourist agency specializes also in organizing different types of business events. Nowadays the tourist industry is going digital and the number of people that book their holiday online is growing every day. In order to be up to date with the changes in the market, “Cristal Holidays” decided to invest in the development of new well-functioning website. They hired the specialist from for this task. 


In order to execute the project in the best possible way we took a different approach to it. We decided to look from the user’s point of view and we asked ourselves what we would like to find in an attractive, intuitive and easy for the tourist to use website if we needed to book a holiday.

Working from this perspective, we designed and built a website where the first thing that the user sees is an interactive slider with the best-selling holiday packages that “Cristal Holidays” offers. We divided the holiday packages in different sections based on the different types of tourists. For the users that wanted to make detailed search before they book their holiday we implemented a search engine where they can find the perfect holiday package by entering the destination, the period of the holiday and the price range that suits them the most.  We also created an interactive list with all the top holiday package deals from “Cristal Holidays” and provided the opportunity to buy one as a gift by filling a special form. Besides the design and development of the business website for Cristal Holidays we also launched a pay-per-click campaing for the tourist agency. 

All of this elements combined with signature web design from resulted in the creation of the new website for “Cristal Holidays”. The technologies we used in the working process were: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Joomla and VirtueMart.