Мanaging the social media presence of International Hotel & Casino in Twitter and creating a social media marketing strategy for the specific social network

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About the project

International Hotel & Casino has successfully applied the concept of bringing hotel and casino together for more than 8 years. The company adapts well to the changes in the market and manages to develop and grow.After the great results from the social media marketing strategy for Facebook, the representatives of International Hotel & Casino hired Webest.eu for the management of the social media presence of the company in Twitter and the management of their social media presence and for creating and launching a social media marketing strategy for Twitter.


The algorithms of the social media Twitter are different from the ones Facebook uses and some of the techniques we used in the previous marketing strategy would not work in this case. We managed to compensate the differences and launched a social media marketing campaign for Twitter that gave the same fantastic results.

Our work resulted in large number of new Twitter followers for International Hotel & Casino and in increase of the bookings made from the website of International Hotel & Casino.